Twitter and Instagram users can now earn up to $10,000 in monthly bounties by promoting Rokfin channels or by creating Rokfin-centric social media content of their own.

Online ads kind of suck, and at Rokfin, we’ve become sick of seeing “Sponsored” next to our company’s logo over and over. …

It was a busy month for Rokfin in regards to new creators launching channels and new product features being deployed. Below is a summary of platform happenings from the month of September.

New Rokfin Channels

Jordan Schachtel | Channel
Jordan hosts an exclusive live stream series called This is Fine — a show about…

Rokfin debuts free Android App with offline listening, expanded content curation, and additional live chat features

Austin, TX (May 11, 2021) — Rokfin, a subscription marketplace platform and the new model for media companies and creators to monetize their content, today announced the launch of its debut Android app.

Rokfin’s Android app in dark mode


Here is a step-by-step walkthrough showing how to become a new user and premium subscriber to the Rokfin platform.

  1. Click on the red “Subscribe” button, the red “ Join Now” button, or the “Sign up” button located in the nav bar atop every page on Rokfin

2. Create a user…


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