Trailblazer Sam Tripoli Moves from Patreon to Rokfin

Joins Rokfin team to grow Comedy Vertical as “Head of Comedy”

Austin, TX (May 13, 2021) — Rokfin, a subscription marketplace platform, is the new model for content creators and media companies to best monetize their content. This week, renowned comedian and podcast ronin Sam Tripoli joined Rokfin as the “Head Of Comedy Development”. He will lead the development of the platform’s Comedy vertical. The move coincides with a content partnership that will move all of his premium shows, including The Daily Dose & Tuesday Woooooooday AMA’s, from his Tin Foil Hat Patreon page to his Rokfin channel. Tripoli will increase his content offering by putting all future episodes of his new Zero podcast exclusively on Rokfin.

Sam Tripoli began his comedy career in 1992 in Las Vegas before moving to Los Angeles in 2000. There, he burst onto the scene and became a paid regular at The Comedy Store, the world-famous Sunset Boulevard comedy club whose alumni include George Carlin, Robin Williams, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Marc Maron, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Christina P, Theo Von, and Dave Chappelle. In 2008, Tripoli parlayed his comedic chops into becoming a podcasting pioneer, starting with the Naughty Show; his Punch Drunk Sports comedy podcast was one of the original shows to help launch the powerhouse podcast network, All Things Comedy. Sam now hosts an array of online podcasts with his flagship show, Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli, regularly charting in the Top-50 within the Comedy genre on Apple Podcasts.

“The reason I like Rokfin is because their model helps artists and creators make more money than anywhere else, and I’m all for the model of abundance,” said Sam Tripoli. “In this new digital world that’s becoming more peer-to-peer, Rokfin’s membership package will be king, and their network will help set up me and other artists to become increasingly independent.”

“After a few conversations with Sam over a few months, it became apparent that he has great instincts in spotting talent and opportunity,” Rokfin CEO Martin Floreani said. “Culturally, we were aligned in our love of creator freedom. We know that corporations, advertisers, and a riotous mob are getting in the way of the creative process, and thus sucking anything funny or real out of content. I’m excited to build a new model with Sam that changes how both the media industry and marketplace networks operate.”

Sam described his zeal for the position by saying, “I’ve always been about letting artists be artists. Trust them and give them a chance to shine. If I can get talented artists over to Rokfin so they can be more independent and more self-sustainable, then their art will become pure; it will become the best that it possibly can be and that’s what I’m all about.”

In addition to The Daily Dose, Tuesday Woooooooday AMA’s and Zero, fans can find Sam Tripoli’s Tinfoil Hat, Broken Simulation and GOAT podcasts on Rokfin. Sam also co-hosts the Conspiracy Social Club podcast with Bryan Callen, which can be found on Rokfin.

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