The Rokfin Review: September 2021

It was a busy month for Rokfin in regards to new creators launching channels and new product features being deployed. Below is a summary of platform happenings from the month of September.

New Rokfin Channels

Jordan Schachtel | Channel
Jordan hosts an exclusive live stream series called This is Fine — a show about the global pandemic of authoritarianism –– and releases new articles related to global affairs.

Nomiki Konst | Channel
Nomiki’s weekly exclusive live streams dive into sociopolitical topics, feature a Q&A with fans, and offer a unique rotation of opinionated guests and experts.

Riss Flex | Channel
Riss releases new live streams and videos every Monday featuring direct and uncensored commentary on domestic and international affairs.

Other Channels Launched In September

MintPress News
Blazing Press
Rogue Review
The Third Rail
Ohio Mat Media
Clarion Wrestling
Rogue Splice
Odins Alchemy
False Reality Check
Bring On The Weird
Stranger By The Hour

Platform Product Updates

New RAE Token Website: The RAE website has been updated to best explain the utility of RAE as a compensation protocol for creators. The site contains links to the white-paper, to Uniswap for those who would like to trade the token and a link to the RAE Discord community. Atop the site is a ticker showing current content creators who hold RAE tokens.

Trolls Are Now Blocked From Commentating On Live Chats: Unfortunately, spammers and trolls are a thing on every platform where content is hosted and commenting is allowed. To better uphold the quality of comments within live chats, we’ve made it so that content creators can block anyone who leaves unnecessarily nasty or spammy comments.

Android Users Can Receive Push Notifications: iOS users have long had the ability to receive instant notifications from the Rokfin app whenever the channels they follow release new content. Android users can now receive push notifications on their devices as well.

Push Notifications Now Link Directly To Posts Within The App: Additionally, Rokfin users now have the ability to go directly to an individual piece of content upon clicking on an instant notification from the Rokfin app.

LIVE With Rokfin CEO Martin Floreani

Our CEO is not only a tech visionary and crypto enthusiast, he is also a content creator. Two months ago, he launched a new podcast on his channel: Bad Ideas Crypto. You can learn more about Rokfin, RAE, The Creator Economy and the crypto landscape by tuning into last month’s episodes below:

Episode 7: Get Real on Censorship, Big Tech and Blockchain and Bitcoin’s Use Case
Episode 8: Old Order, Coinbase on Offense, El Salvador, ETH Burns, SOL and ADA
Episode 9: Infrastructure wars, ETH problems, Dapper labs, NFT closer to it
Episode 10: Crypto — Networks — New Alignment
Episode 11: Lynyrd Skynyrd, YouTube bans, Chris Dixon, Yellen, Balaji and China Moves

About Rokfin
Rokfin Inc., is based in Austin, Texas. It is a creator-first subscription marketplace where creators bundle their content to grow monthly recurring royalty streams. Rokfin uses the RAE Token, a utility/access token. Channels are rewarded in open and transparent proprietary methodology that compensates creators for their pro-rata share of the network surplus and ongoing royalties for the lifetime value of their subscribers. For more information, visit or

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