Status Coup News Launches New Show Exclusively On Rokfin

Status Coup News to publish live streams and videos on-demand starting in July.

Rokfin, a subscription marketplace platform and the new model for creators to best monetize their content, today announced that Status Coup News will be creating premium exclusive live streams and videos on Rokfin. The new content offering provides Status Coup News premium subscribers the ability to interact with Jordan Chariton and Jen Dize in real-time during their broadcasts, and will officially premiere Wednesday, July 7 at 4:30 pm EST.

Co-founded by Jordan Chariton and Jen Dize, Status Coup News is progressive, in-field and investigative reporting that gives the microphone back to the people. The duo has gained notoriety for their fearless style of on-the-ground reporting from the campaign trail, East Chicago, Flint, St. Louis, Standing Rock, and more. Their coverages are funded directly by their die-hard community of paying subscribers, which allows Status Coup News to shun the influence of plutocrats and corporate sponsors.

“We are so excitedabout joining Rokfin because if you haven’t noticed, other platforms don’t quite let you say what you want to say often, and don’t quite show people that you’re broadcasting,” said Jordan Chariton. “Our show is going to be super unique. It’s going to be a mix of actual reporting — investigative and in the field—and commentary.”

Premium subscribers to the channel gain access to all content on the platform and can view Status Coup News’ exclusive streams and articles within the Free Thinking Media feed alongside other channels, including Lee Camp, Graham Elwood, Michael Tracey, Whitney Webb and more.

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