Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Q. How do I create a Rokfin account?

A. Follow this link to signup, creating a username and password or by signing in with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. For further help, check out the How to Login and Subscribe to Rokfin article.

Q. What’s my Username to log in?

A. Username or Email Address works for logging in. You can find and change your Username in the Settings when you are logged in.

Q. Why Can’t I log in?

A. Most common causes

  • You accidentally created two accounts
  • You may have incorrectly entered your email

Q. How do I reset my password?

A. To reset your password, enter your Username or Email using this link.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. Go to your account’s Settings, click Manage Subscription and click the red Cancel Subscription button.

Q. How do I update my profile?

A. Once you are logged in go to the top right corner and click Settings.

Q. Where can I find the Privacy & Terms of Service (TOS)?

A. The Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Copyright & DMCA Policy can be found following their respective links.

Q. Do you have an app for iOS or Android?

A. Yes, the Rokfin iOS app is available in the App Store. We suggest Chrome or Safari for mobile browsers. An Android app is not available at this time.

Subscriber Questions

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions from subscribers.

Q. How much is a Rokfin Premium subscription?

A. Your $9.99 per month subscription gets you access to all Premium content on the Rokfin platform.

Q. How to Watch?

A. Rokfin subscribers get access to all Premium and Free content on the platform, including live streams.

To view, login to your subscription and go to the Channel or Post you wish to view, read, or listen to.

Note — Large live streams may not be available within the Rokfin iOS app.

Q. How do I view Rokfin on my TV?

A. The best way is to connect your laptop to a TV using an HDMI cable. Videos on the Rokfin iOS app may be cast using Airplay. No other streaming devices are supported at this time.

Q. What do I do if I am having video player problems (error message, buffering, etc.)?

A. Use a recommended browser for your device

Q. What are your accepted payment methods?

A. We accept the following cards:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

Rokfin & RAE Resources

Here you will find resources to learn more about our product and services.

If your issue is not resolved in this FAQ, please reach out to and our team will provide further assistance.

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