How To Login & Subscribe To Rokfin

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough showing how to become a new user and premium subscriber to the Rokfin platform.

  1. Click on the red “Subscribe” button, the red “ Join Now” button, or the “Sign up” button located in the nav bar atop every page on Rokfin

2. Create a user account by entering your First Name/Last Name/Email/Password or opt-in automatically by clicking the Apple, Facebook or Google buttons

3. Select “Fin” indicating your main interest and select channels you’d like to follow. Note: you can skip selecting channels during the user onboarding process

4. To become a premium member and unlock all content on the Rokfin platform, click the red “Subscribe” button on any channel, piece of content or landing page & continue on to the payment page

5. Put in your credit card information

6. Thank you for subscribing. Your subscription supports your favorite Content Creators and gives you access to all content on the Rokfin platform. Click the home button in the nav bar to discover content, channels and fins from the feed page

Having Trouble Logging In After Creating A User Account?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Rokfin account, please see below or reference our FAQ.

Q. What’s my Username to log in?

A. Username or Email Address works for logging in. You can find and change your Username in the Settings when you are logged in.

Q. Why Can’t I log in?

A. Most common causes

  • You accidentally created two accounts
  • You may have incorrectly entered your email

Q. How do I reset my password?

A. To reset your password, enter your Username or Email using this link.

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