Comparing Rokfin vs. Patreon and YouTube

A case study featuring content creator Jay Dyer

At Rokfin, we commonly reach out to new content creators to get their assessment of the platform’s usability and to evaluate their channels’ current and potential revenue performance.

We recently reached out to content creator, Jay Dyer. Jay is an author, comedian and TV presenter known for his deep analysis of Hollywood, geopolitics, and culture. He joined the platform in March 2021, hoping to develop a supplemental revenue stream using his massive catalogue of content.

The meeting started with a discussion of Jay’s revenue performance since joining our platform but soon parlayed into a conversation pertaining to how he monetizes his content on Rokfin vs. other platforms that he distributes his content to. The exercise provided our team with valuable feedback and insight regarding the particular creator benefits and features that compel him to favor Rokfin over Patreon and YouTube.

Below is a summation from the meeting with platform winners broken down by value proposition.

Income and Revenue Potential

Winner: Rokfin

The most important thing a creator wants to know when exploring content-hosting platforms is: how much money will I make?

When comparing Rokfin vs. Patreon vs. YouTube, Jay mentioned, “I make more money in one week on Rokfin than I do in one month on Patreon. I’ve been on Patreon for four years and Rokfin for about 3 months now …even when combining peak monthly earnings from Patreon and YouTube, I have still never built up my MRR [Monthly Recurring Revenue] to what it currently is on Rokfin.”

Creators like Jay Dyer thrive on Rokfin because they are able to offer their subscribers more than just their own channel. In contrast to Patreon, Rokfin subscribers pay one monthly fee and enjoy the benefit of being able to access all premium content on the platform.

*On YouTube, Jay’s subscribers are not paying a monthly subscription; his revenue is split with YouTube and based on the advertisement earnings generated from his channel’s content viewership each month.

Payment structure and flexibility also compels Jay to Rokfin: He points out, “Rokfin pays 5,6,7x more than anyone else is going to pay. The forward looking aspect of paying in crypto…like, no one else has thought of this? I would much rather be paid in crypto than directly deposited dollars, honestly. It allows for so much more revenue potential.”

Content Bundling

Winner: Rokfin

Content bundling is one of the key facets to Rokfin because it aligns content creators and incentivizes them to build the network in tandem. As one channel grows, the whole network grows, and individual creators get to take part in that value escalation.

When discussing this with Jay, he said, “the model that Rokfin has set up is pretty genius: it provides a balance for individual creators to get paid out for their own work while also earning a revenue maximum based on the cumulative value of the network as a whole.”

“On YouTube, you want to destroy your opponents so that they don’t take a portion of your current or target audience. And larger “top-tier” content creators have enough pull to dictate the feasibility of other channels. On Rokfin, all content creators align to build the value of the network so a larger channel can positively benefit my personal earnings even if we compete within the same subject matter.”

Brand Awareness

Winner: YouTube

We asked Jay why he still maintains his YouTube channel. Like other creators we’ve talked to, he generally seems to have disdain for the Google-owned platform as it pays out considerably less than Rokfin, and it has developed a reputation for arbitrarily suppressing or demonetizing channels for subject matter that doesn’t align with its political propensities. His answer as to why he continues on with YouTube: “Brand awareness. I really just maintain my YouTube because it gives large communities the possibility of discovering my work.”

Flexibility With Pricing Tiers

Winner: Patreon

One thing to be desired from creators on the Rokfin platform is the ability to create their own pricing tiers. Jay noted that while Rokfin’s tipping feature helps take the the cap off his channel’s earning potential, he’d like to have the capability to create variously-priced content packages, which could potentially generate major funding inhauls from his most die-hard subscribers.

Platform Transparency

Winner: Rokfin

Transparency is at the core of Rokfin’s ethos. By providing channels access to all of the data they acquire and by sticking strictly and solely to the guidelines outlined in our terms of service (TOS), we’ve created an ecosystem where content creators can monetize their work without the fear of losing their audience or revenue stream.

During our conversation with Jay, he mentioned “transparency” as one of the platform’s most desirable characteristics, “No one wants to put time and effort into a platform where he could get arbitrarily demonetized or have his channel get deleted next month. Rokfin allows for freedom of speech. As long as you don’t violate the Rokfin TOS, you can confidently create content without the fear of censorship, shadow-banning or demonetization.”

Final Takeaway

When analyzing all of the platforms on which he publishes content, Jay Dyer identified five key value propositions that prompt him to publish on Rokfin, Patreon, and YouTube. He picked Rokfin as the winner in three of the five categories, including the two that are most important to him: Income and Revenue Potential and Platform Transparency. By tapping into Rokfin’s model and ecosystem, Jay has accelerated his ability to generate recurring cash flow and has gained confidence in hosting his content on a platform that doesn’t hint at future demonetization or algorithmic suppression.

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